Five visualizations of youth employment in Latin America and the Caribbean

Five visualizations of youth employment in Latin America and the Caribbean

In collaboration with two international initiatives, #MakeoverMonday and #VizForSocialGood, we recently carried out a visualizations challenge. In it, we wanted to focus on the youth employment situation in Latin America and the Caribbean. How did the experts see it to simplify and make this data easily understood?

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The challenge

The challenge consisted on creating a visualization by taking some data on youth employment in the region available in our data portal, the SIMS. It was a freestyle challenge: each participant could focus the visualization to their liking, taking all or part of the information available in the challenge data set.

The results

Having a lot of information was important for each participant to make their visualization unique, taking the topic in a general way or focusing on a country or a single indicator. This helped to show the problem of unemployment among young people in the region in different ways, in a more attractive way than a traditional chart or graph and transmitted the message quickly. We invite you to click on the next mosaic (elaborated by Rodrigo Calloni), in which there are almost 50 visualizations. Thanks to all the participants!

Summary of visualizations that entered the challenge

Our top 5

Of all the visualizations we received, we wanted to highlight 5 of them that illustrate the trends of youth employment in Latin America and the Caribbean in an easy, efficient and dynamic way. A majority of the visualizations were entered in English, since this was an international challenge.

Title: Youth Employment in Latin America – Where are the young people in the labour market? (Author: Satish Ramakrishna @satishr2017).


  • Focuses data on sectors where young people in the region work and by country.
  • Gives the general data of the region such as population, employed, unemployed and economically active.


Title: Is unemployment a problem for Young people in Latin America & the Caribbean (Author: Steve Wood).

  • Displays data on NEETs, unemployment, employment and informality.


Title: Youth Employment in Latin America (Author: Mike Cisneros).

  • It shows all the data given in the system on employability of young people in Latin America and the Caribbean.


Title: An Examination of Latin American Youth Employment Status (Author: Kevin Knorpp).

youth, data, employment, unemployment, Latin America

  • Shows and compares data on the young population in each country, as well as unemployment, employment, formality and ninis


Title: Women’s Employment Data (Author: David Krupp).

data, employment, youth, unemployment, latam, caribbean

  • Data is focused on young women in the region.

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