13 Mar 2018

Argentina Is Becoming a Hub for Knowledge-Based Services

Architectural plans, legal and accounting consultancy work, software and mobile app development, web design, and film and video game production are just some of the many knowledge-based services (KBSs) that Argentina exports. The country’s export profile no longer centers on cuts of beef or wine, traditional products like yerba mate or dulce de leche, or even tango moves and football players. Instead, the southernmost country in the world is increasingly making a name for itself...
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5 Mar 2018

Foreign Investment: How to Attract It and Make Good Use of It

If you would like to find out more about FDI and hear some of the region’s success stories, why not join the IDB’s free, online course Foreign Direct Investment As a Driver for Development in Latin America and the Caribbean (course in Spanish), which begins on March 15, 2018. Sign up here (link in Spanish) and we’ll see you on March 15. Over the last 20 years, foreign direct investment (FDI) in Latin America and...
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15 Feb 2018

Smart Highways Speed Up Border Crossings

In the 21st century, new technologies have brought exponential progress to many sectors and industries, so much so that we are said to be living through the fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0). At the same time, changes in the world of telecommunications mean that we can connect to one another at practically any time, regardless of where we are. These changes are also sweeping the world of transportation. Trade in goods and global travel by...
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7 Feb 2018

Why can’t I e-buy from my neighbors?

Regulatory obstacles to cross-border e-commerce in Latin America and the Caribbean. Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) is home to 400 million internet users, meaning that 60% of its population has online access. In 2017, 140 million digital buyers living in the region spent an estimated US$60 billion in online retail. Most strikingly, LAC is the region with the highest percentage of consumers making online purchases exclusively abroad (15%), compared to 4% in Asia, with...
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31 Jan 2018

How Does Trade Respond When Borders Are Simplified via Single-Window Systems?

To learn more about this issue, see chapter 5 of Out Of the Border Labyrinth, a report published by the IDB’s Integration and Trade Sector, and IDB Working Paper series no. IDB-WP-706, “The Border Labyrinth: Information Technologies and Trade in the Presence of Multiple Agencies.” Paperwork at the Border: A Process or a Trial? About a hundred years ago, Franz Kafka wrote: Cases like this can last a long time […] the first documents submitted...
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23 Jan 2018

How Sustainable is the Latin American Trade Recovery?

As is described in detail in Trade Trend Estimates: Latin America and the Caribbean (2018), Latin American exports grew by around 13% in 2017, a sharp acceleration in comparison with the 3.3% drop of the previous year. This rate of growth outstripped that of global exports and marks the end of a period of almost four consecutive years of contraction. Total LAC exports in 2017 were worth close to US$985 billion, although this still fell...
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18 Jan 2018


INSTITUTIONS, EXPONENTIAL TRADE, AND EQUALITY IN THE AGE OF ALGORITHMS In a world in which globalization is being called into question, especially in developed countries, Latin Americans appear to be committed to regional integration, globalization, and free trade. These conclusions emerged from “Techno-Integration in Latin America: Institutions, Exponential Trade, and Equality in the Age of Algorithms,” a new study which was undertaken as part of the Regional Public Goods (RPGs) program at the IDB’s Institute...
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9 Jan 2018

Selling to supermarkets and international distributors

Food producers from Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) have an opportunity to start exporting the healthy, organic foods and beverages that currently in fashion all over the world. Gluten-free or kosher snacks are another attractive new niche. But producers wanting to conquer these export markets need to be prepared. Global experts gave us tips and pointers during the LAC Flavors Argentina 2017 event. In just a day and a half, more than 560 LAC...
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