13 Jun 2018

Growth Slowdown: The impact of external risks

As is described in detail in the half-yearly update to Trade Trend Estimates — Latin America and the Caribbean, the region’s exports grew at a year-on-year rate of 10.6 percent in the first quarter of 2018. This represents a downturn in comparison with the average growth of 11.9 percent of 2017, which marked the end of four continuous years of contraction. Growth in Latin American exports not only became less intense but was also weaker...
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1 May 2018

The Spaghetti Bowl and International Supply Chains

Latin America regional integration can be characterized by the co-existence of multiple trade agreements: there are 33 of these in total, their membership is limited in scope, and they generally act as separate silos which lack important interconnections between them. Common sense indicates that while this “spaghetti bowl” of agreements might encourage production linkages among the members of each agreement, it might also limit the emergence of supply chains between countries across agreements by making...
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25 Apr 2018

Waste not, want not: Strengthening LAC agrifood exports though robust cold chain logistics

The global food industry loses a staggering amount annually: US$750 billion. In Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC), roughly 55 percent of post-harvest fruit and vegetables are lost, mostly due to problems arising during storage, packaging, and distribution. At the same time, high logistics costs hurt trade in food and agriculture, increasing final prices by 30 percent to 100 percent between production and delivery in LAC. In Latin America alone, 57 percent of exports are...
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17 Apr 2018

How Competitive Are Latin American Exports?

Policies to springboard the competitiveness of Latin America’s economies were a core topic during talks at the World Economic Forum for Latin America, which recently came to a close in Brazil. At the meeting, political and business leaders agreed that the recent shift in the global trade cycle, which has begun to expand again after years of contraction and stagnation, represents an opportunity for Latin America. The analysis in the IDB’s 2017 Trade and Integration...
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10 Apr 2018

Twelve Heads of State and More than 1,000 Business Leaders Take Part in the CEO Summit of the Americas

Every three years, the CEO Summit of the Americas brings together heads of state and leading CEOs from the region to analyze opportunities for promoting economic growth and investment and facilitating trade through unprecedented interaction between the public and private sectors via the Americas Business Dialogue (ABD). Some 12 heads of state and over 1,000 business leaders will attend the third CEO Summit, which will take place on April 12 and 13, 2018, in Lima,...
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6 Apr 2018

Increasing the Involvement of Latin American Companies in Global Value Chains

The fragmentation of production processes is an enormous opportunity for countries and companies wishing to put themselves on the global manufacturing and export map What might a vehicle part, a jacket with motion sensors for gaming, a quinoa harvest, or software for managing dairy cattle have in common? All these goods and services are “Made in the Americas,” a marketing concept that seeks to boost the involvement of firms of all sizes from throughout the...
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27 Mar 2018

Technology, a tool to integrate women into the markets of the region

Industrial Revolution 4.0, which is marked by the use of robotics, automation, artificial intelligence, and digitization in the economy and everyday life, has brought massive benefits, including greater efficiency and productivity. However, its potential for destroying jobs is also prompting genuine concerns. This challenge is facing citizens the world over, but Latin Americans are particularly affected by it because they live in a region where a substantial share of exports are concentrated in activities that...
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