30 diciembre 2014

Most popular posts of 2014


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Our blog, your blog Let´s talk about equality is living its first end of the year. Born in March, in commemoration of the International Women’s Day, in these 10 months of life it has grown thanks to your interest and commitment to equality in our region.

The 74 posts written by the IDB´s Gender and Diversity specialists and some special guests have had over 73,000 views, visits from 138 countries (Colombia, Mexico and Peru mainly) and have being republished in dozens of online newspapers and websites in Latin America.

All the stories published have something special, but today we want to share with you our reader´s favorites.

The 10 most popular posts in English in 2014

ChildrenIN1. Violence Against Women: Let´s Take a Look, by Anne-Marie Urban and Paola Buitrago
One in three women experiences violence in LAC. On the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, we took a look to Latin America and the Caribbean with an infographic

Is There a Gender Confidence Gap?, by Clara Alemann
Compared with men, women tend to underestimate their abilities, opting out of many professional opportunities before even trying. Is there a gender confidence gap?


working mothers juggling3. Working Mothers: Jugglers Extraordinaire, by Anne-Marie Urban
Working mothers are overwhelmed. This can be mitigated in almost direct proportion to the support they find at home, at work and in the community.


FB4. Women at the Wheel, the Danger is Real?, by Luz Caballero
Road accidents are the leading cause of deaths not related to health in the world. And most of them (77%) are men. Let´s talk about gender.


5. Would Handsome Harvey have out Pitched Pretty Olivia to Investors?, by Luana Ozemela
Handsome men are much more likely to convince investors to back their business proposals than women entrepreneurs, according to the Harvard Business School.


fb6. When Women Go to Work, Where do Men Go?, by Gary Barker
It’s time to take Father’s Day out of the greeting cards and make fatherhood a true cause for men, for gender equality and for reducing poverty.


FBLuana7. “Two Moors” by Rembrandt, Just Good Intentions?, by Luana Ozemela
A Rembrandt painting called Two Moors is a good simile of what happens in policy making for African descendants: good intentions, poor finishing.


FBEN8. Math and Science Are for Men, Right?, by Kristin Dacey and Sanola Daley
Few women chose a professional career linked to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), despite the great benefits of these fields. Why?


P9. It Don’t Mean a Thing if It Ain’t Got that Swing!, by Adam Ratzlaff
Music education is not a topic generally discussed as economic development. Yet, there are programs throughout the Americas that provide it to at risk youth.


FB10. Invitation accepted: I am part of #Heforshe, by Andrew Morrison
Emma Watson sent a clear invitation in her United Nations speech: men, gender equality is your issue too. Discover here three ways you can join the #Heforshe campaign.


Thanks for joining us in 2014, we really hope seeing you around in 2015.

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