Discover The New “Pure Grenada” Brand


Welcome to the Spice of the Caribbean; a place where untouched beauty meet Grenada’s warm people content with a simple way of life. Grenada offers a lifestyle so pure and authentic that you feel instantly renewed.

The enchanting island boasts silky stretches of white sand beaches, sunken treasures adorned by corals and unspoilt landscapes undiscovered by crowds. So, take a journey like never before; a journey that is pure and real. Welcome to Grenada…

To capture a bit of this magic was the production of the Pure Grenada video which is a significant move aimed at repositioning the country as a major tourist destination on the international landscape. The stirring video is funded by Compete Caribbean and narrated by Les Stroud, host of the popular television series Survivorman.

A brand new tag-line “Pure Grenada” will form the underpinning for the island’s new marketing focus, positioning the island as “off-the–beaten path,” and a haven for the discerning travel explorer. A new logo also reflects the island’s deep Amerindian roots and its proud ancestral heritage; while still encapsulating the “heart of the nutmeg”— which has been the back-bone of the island’s trade and exports.

The new mandate includes better positioning to seize new marketing opportunities and to be more adaptable to the dynamic commercial realities of today’s new global tourism and hospitality environment. Chairman of the Caribbean arm of  the global advertising giant – Inglefield, Ogilvy & Mather – Russ Jarman Price explained: “We struggled to find the one word that encapsulated everything that is beautiful, unspoiled and undiscovered about these three islands (Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique) and it took the eyes of a child to see it in its true form – Pure.”


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