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Announcement: The Ninth Citizen Security Week 2017 will be held in Colombia

The IDB, the Vice Presidency of the Republic of Colombia, together with the Municipalities of Bogota and Medellin, will host the next Citizen Security Week

Machine Learning and Money Ball: Lessons for Domestic Violence Prediction and Prevention

In a world of limited resources, the Moneyball question then is: how can the police target scarce resources to reduce DV most effectively? How do you build a data-driven approach to concentrate resources on those who are most at-risk of DV?

Using Big Data to stop crime: six Colombian cities will show us how

By working hand in hand with six Colombian cities, local academic institutions, DataPop Alliance, the MIT Media Lab and other key allies, we expect to go beyond testing the value of Big Data for development, and build capacities local government capacity to sustainably use and...

A group of kids used design thinking for crime solutions. They came up with three great ideas

The ideas led to prototypes of all sorts, from renewed parks and bully schools, to devices that would help bullies calm down. But most importantly, the children sent a powerful message: they have clues for how to fix our region's most complex problems.

Wearable Technology for Violence Prevention

We are moving towards a world of wearable technology. But for researchers at the MIT Media Lab, wearable technology is not just a luxury. It can prevent violence and save lives.

What is the cost of violence against women for their health, their children, and their work?

Women who suffer from violence are more likely to have depression. Their children are more likely to be born with low birth weight. How can this be measured? What lessons do these figures show to governments?

Interview: Facebook can escalate conflicts. One organization is using it to stop murders

Combining innovation and technology, the Citizen Crime Commission of NY uses Facebook to detect potential conflicts and intervene before they turn deadly.

US voters are divided over presidents but more united on criminal justice reforms

In the US presidential elections, voters were asked about criminal justice reform. In fact, 154 ballots with criminal justice issues were put in consideration in 35 states, ranging from the use of marijuana to the death penalty.

Measuring recidivism is hard but we must get it right

It seems obvious that any project that can claim a reduction in recidivism should be called a success, and that the opposite would signal a problem. But simple statements of recidivism outcomes without a clear definition or a specific context can lead to misleading...

Yes, Caribbean men are dying from violence. But what about women?

On the International day to End Violence Against Women, it is important to recognize how little is actually known about the issue in the Caribbean.