Is the Discovery of Oil and Gas in Guyana a Blessing or a Curse?

Since 2015 and up to two weeks ago, Exxon Mobil announced three successful oil and gas discoveries offshore Guyana.  Since then, there’s been mounting interests particularly because of the nature of the finds. Both Exxon Mobil and Hess Corporation have since pointed out that Guyana’s discovery is one of the richest oil and natural gas finds in decades. And as you heard by the Guyanese Minister of Natural Resources, Raphael Trotman, this can either be a windfall with potential to transform Guyana or it could inflict upon the country, the well-known resource curse. But how can the Government of Guyana, navigate away from this potential resource curse? Find out in our podcast:

Interview with Ramon Espinasa, General Coordinator of the Extractive Sector Initiative at the IDB, and moderated by Musheer Kamau, Regional Operations Advisor for the Caribbean countries at the IDB.

Designed by Jevon Minto, directed by Lynn Saghir, Creative Director for the Caribbean at the IDB.

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