The Caribbean Celebrates a Regional ICT Week

by Guest blogger, Mariana Leytón

The event will provide a forum for delegates to share perspectives on how information and communications technology is uncovering unprecedented opportunities and new challenges for Caribbean development.

The Caribbean Telecommunications Unit (CTU), an intergovernmental organization with the mission of creating “an environment in partnership with members to optimise returns from ICT resources for the benefit of stakeholders”, is celebrating its 25th anniversary this week. With that motive, representatives of several Caribbean countries are participating in an ICT Week in Trinidad and Tobago through which several panels, discussions and working groups will take place and culminate with a two day conference on open data.

Government ministers, regional regulators and policy makers, senior private sector officials and technology researchers are gathering in seven sessions regarding:

  1. Identifying opportunities for the Caribbean to succeed in the “storm of technological revolution”.
  2. Identifying the benefits of investing in ICT and priorities and opportunities for an “ICT-enabled development”.
  3. Considerations for developing a Caribbean single ICT space.
  4. Internet governance.
  5. Infrastructure, access and net neutrality.
  6. Essential initiatives for leveraging the power of ICT.
  7. Brainstorming for funding for the ICT infrastructure, Caribbean crowdfunding, joint procurement and public-private partnership.

On Thursday and Friday, the Developing the Caribbean (DevCA) 2015 Open Data Conference and Code Sprint will take place.

For more information, visit the CTU website or follow them on Facebook.

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