Posts related to “Learning Better: Public Policy for Skills Development,” the upcoming IDB flagship report to be published in mid-2017.

Can the Internet Boost Learning in Latin America?

If Latin America hopes to use the Internet to boost learning, it must consider guided programs

Can internet access at home stimulate learning among children? It is an especially urgent question in developing countries where digital access and educational achievement lag considerably behind those in developed ones. Ofer Malamud, Santiago Cueto, Diether Beuermann and I decided to address the issue in an experiment where we provided both laptops and internet access to […]

Greater Efficiency and the Path to a Prosperous Future for Latin America and the Caribbean

If Latin American and the Caribbean is to enjoy a prosperous future, it must become much more efficient

Latin America and the Caribbean has a difficult puzzle to solve. Growing national income is feeding demands for more and better government services.  At the same time, because many governments increased expenditure during the years of the commodity boom and now face less favorable external conditions, they will need to adjust. In a context of […]

To Boost Education, Latin America Needs to Spend More Efficiently

If it is to boost education to the standards of the OECD, Latin America and the Caribbean needs to spend more efficiently

Over the last two decades, Latin America and the Caribbean has made huge efforts to improve education. Investment in the sector has grown from 3.6% to 5.3% of GDP; the percentage of adolescents who finish primary school has reached well over 90%, and results on PISA, the international exam that measures core competencies in mathematics, […]

How Can Crowdsourcing Help Latin America in the Digital Age?

Latin America increasingly uses crowdsourcing to solve social problems in the digital age

Suppose you are a government facing various social crises. Traditionally, you might send out teams of government researchers, create government-led commissions, and hire consultancies. You might host public hearings.  But you wouldn’t bring your problems to the internet “crowd.” Over the last 10-15 years, however, governments and non-governmental organizations in both the developed and developing […]

Can Latin America Ride the Wave of Artificial Intelligence?

Latin America has much to gain from artificial intelligence, but must take steps to protect privacy and prevent bias

Artificial intelligence (AI), with its self-teaching smart machines, will transform Latin America and the Caribbean. It will not happen immediately. But it is inevitable, and the region needs to ensure that legislation and regulations are in place so that AI increases productivity without harming privacy or abetting discrimination. There is no time to lose. AI […]

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