New Research Opportunities at the IDB for Behavioral Economists

Applications open at the IDB for Behavioral Economists

The IDB invites researchers with a keen intellectual interest in behavioral interventions to apply for visiting positions with its recently established IDB Working Group on Behavioral Economics.

As the leading multilateral institution for Latin America and the Caribbean, the IDB is looking to build on its experience helping governments use behavioral economics tools to improve lives by expanding the knowledge creation, dissemination, and operational content in the region.

To date, those efforts have embraced a wide array of policy areas. They have included work to improve savings, tax collection, and education. They have focused, among others, on endeavors related to pollution, water and sanitation, accountability and transparency. They also have involved training specialists in the region.

This blog and short video describe just a few of the things that we’ve done.

As we continue those activities and expand into new ones, we invite junior fellows, currently in a Ph.D. program or with at least a Master’s in Behavioral Economics, Behavioral Sciences, or a similar field, to join us. Candidates should have one or two years of relevant experience.

Junior position in Behavioral Economics

Apply now

We are also accepting applications for a more senior, visiting scholar position for those with a Ph.D. and at least two or three years of relevant experience.

The positions offer the opportunity to combine independent research with active involvement in the IDB’s programs and activities, including the implementation of behavioral interventions in the field. Most interestingly, a successful applicant will have access to a broad network of practitioners, scholars, and policymakers, and in collaboration with IDB staff access to funds for financing field research.

Senior position in Behavioral Economics

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He or she will work alongside Research Department economists, sector economic advisors, and sector specialists in bringing new ideas to policy design; advise government officials about best practices and solutions; design behavioral interventions for IDB loans and grants; evaluate the impact of behavioral interventions; and disseminate work through publications and presentations.

Senior scholars will also participate in presentations at meetings and seminars; produce working papers; provide guidance and feedback on specific projects carried out by the IDB; and evaluate research proposals and knowledge products.

Applications must be submitted by March 9.

If you have done graduate work and have experience working in behavioral interventions, join us!

For more information on applying to these positions see:



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  1. I have a friend with over 12 years of senior behavioral economic experience (in fact, over 30 yrs. of cumulative experience in international development) and a Master’s degree plus a Harvard fellowship. Is he eligible for this job? Would you be interested? Please respond as the deadline is tomorrow.

    1. Hi Sandy, if your friend is interested, please tell them to apply. We are definitely looking for highly qualified candidates. Thanks for spreading the word!

      1. Thanks Tom!

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