Adjusting to Shocks to Protect the Region’s Future

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Commodity prices are falling or are at their lowest point in years. The demographic boom is fading. Debts are on the rise, and many currencies have undergone sharp depreciations.

What does all this mean for Latin America and the Caribbean? Our 2016 Macroeconomic Report Time to Act looks at some of the critical issues facing countries in the region. It explores the fiscal situation in countries and examines whether adjustments can be made in ways that both ensure future growth and protect recent social gains.

The report looks ahead to the future. It analyzes the dual commodity and demographic shocks impacting the region and estimates growth for the region in coming years within the context of the new global economic reality. Can we expect more currency depreciations?

The report will be launched during our Annual Meeting on Sunday, April 10 at 11 am Washington time, in an event we are organizing together with the Financial Times’ magazine The Banker. You can watch the launch live in English — it will be available only on the day of the event — and sign up to download the publication when it becomes available here.

Speakers include our Chief Economist, José Juan Ruiz; Octavio de Barros, Chief Economist of Bradesco; Ramón Aracena, Chief Economist for Latin America at the Institute of International Finance; Miguel Kiguel, Executive Director of Econviews; and Raymond Gatcliffe, Head of Corporate and Investment Banking for Citi Central America and the Caribbean. The panel will be moderated by Silvia Pavoni, a journalist with The Banker.

*Guest Author: Pablo Bachelet is the Principal Communications Officer at the IDB

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