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    Winds of Change in Uruguay

    By - 16 de April de 2015, 12:01 am

    Por Steven Collins*

    Uruguay is demonstrating that there is more to renewable energy than lowering greenhouse gas emissions.

    The Palmatir Wind Project in Uruguay | Photo: Palmatir’s project.

    The Palmatir Wind Project in Uruguay | Photo: Palmatir’s project.

    Renewable energy is a big deal inUruguay; over two-thirds of the country’s energy comes from hydropower. However, droughts in past years have left the country’s reservoirs dangerously low, and as a result, hydropower facilities have struggled to meet the country’s rising energy demands. To help, Uruguay has turned to the private sector to kick-start the development of other renewable energy technologies, primarily wind and solar. There are now dozens of projects, both public and private, making Uruguay’s energy sector a greener industry, and the country is now focused intensely not only on achieving ambitious nationwide green energy goals, but also on better understanding and incorporating environmental and social concerns as it works to meet those goals. Read more…