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    A road, a market, a challenge

    By - 5 de November de 2013, 7:00 am

    By: France Francois

    When most people hear the term “market” they picture an orderly scene with vendors perched at their stalls, selling goods to potential clients casually strolling by.  The colorful scene at Marché de Poteau (Poteau Market) outside of Gonaïves in central Haiti immediately challenged that notion for the participants of the Fourth Annual Involuntary Resettlement Workshop jointly put on by the IDB and the World Bank.

    haiti resettlements 2

    Participants found vendors expertly weaving in and out of traffic hawking everything from pigs to produce precariously balanced on heads or hips, as brightly colored Haitian Tap-Taps (mini-buses) zoomed by.

    Suddenly, the exercise of considering the impact that widening the road and potentially moving the market would have on traffic and the lives of merchants- and to think about how we could alleviate any possible negative impacts- seemed a lot more challenging than it had originally sounded in the conference room! Read more…