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    AL CAPONE meets to learn how to reduce crime

    By - 14 de July de 2011, 6:02 am

    how to reduce crimeAL CAPONE is the America Latina Crime and Policy Network, founded by a group of economists interested in understanding the causes and determinants of crime, and also of measuring the impact of alternative policies to reduce crime.

    On June 23rd and 24th 2011 AL CAPONE met in Rio de Janeiro to talk about crime. Although young, crime economics has grown in quantity and quality in the recent years.

    A good example is provided by the 2010 NBER book, Economics of Crime: Lessons from and for Latin America, edited by Rafael Di Tella, Sebastian Edwards and Ernesto Shargrodsky.

    AL CAPONE is a long term response to a strong and increasing demand from policymakers and people in the region about what works in terms of crime prevention. While there is substantial literature on criminology and crime prevention in developed countries, the literature is still scant for Latin America and the Caribbean.

    The 1st meeting of the network included twelve papers by researchers from Latin America, Italy and the US, and two key-note speeches by leading US scholars Stephen Raphael (UC Berkeley) and Jens Ludwig (University of Chicago).

    Let me highlight four interesting issues that were discussed in the meeting: Read more…