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    This blog highlights effective ideas in the fight against poverty and exclusion, and analyzes the impact of development projects in Latin America and the Caribbean.
  • Arturo J. Galindo

    Chief of the Strategy Development Division at the IDB

    Arturo José Galindo is the Chief of the Strategy Development Division, at the Inter-American Development Bank in Washington, D.C. Previously he was the Regional Economic Advisor for the Andean Region at the same institution, Chief Economist of the Banking Association of Colombia, Advisor to the Ministry of Finance of Colombia on financial sector issues, Advisor to the government of Colombia on Coffee Affairs, Professor of Economics at Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá-Colombia, a Research Economist at the IDB, and an Economist at the Central Bank of Colombia. He holds a PhD in Economics from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and Masters and Bachelor’s degrees from Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá, Colombia. His academic research includes financial economics, banking, public finance, macroeconomics, international economics and development economics, fields in which he has several publications.

    Arturo J. Galindo

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