The IDB Group welcomes Caribbean Storyteller Golda Lee Bruce and a new strategy for communicating with the people of the Caribbean

Central to our strategy of improving lives in the Caribbean is changing the way we share our messages with and listen to the citizens of the region. This is where storytelling matters. To help us do it right, we have recruited one of the most gifted storytellers from the Caribbean region, Golda Lee Bruce. Golda becomes the first Development Storyteller at the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) Group, joining the Caribbean Country Department on October 1, 2018.

Golda has always told stories. For the last 12 years, she has done so as a journalist working in the Caribbean region. At the heart of storytelling is the art of conversation. And that’s how most of her time as a reporter was spent: talking to Caribbean people about their lives, talking to Caribbean governments about their policies, and talking to Caribbean organizations about their goals. Golda says the purpose of these conversations has always been to enhance the lives of the people, and to tell their stories as a tool to promote their own development. We at the IDB are very pleased to have Golda join our team and share her unique voice and perspectives on the Caribbean region.

Golda joins the IDB from serving four years as a Deputy Head of News at Guardian Media in Trinidad and Tobago. In that capacity, Golda managed a team of over 80 journalists and technical staff, providing editorial and administrative guidance. She has played a leading role in the creation of Guardian Media’s strategic plan, and how the company has responded to the challenge of adapting to a highly digitized news media landscape.

Even while functioning in this leadership capacity, Golda remained committed to her passion for telling Caribbean stories. As a reporter, she covered almost all aspects of national and regional life. Her reporting on the region’s public health issues, in particular, has been recognized and rewarded regionally. She earned her undergraduate degree in mass communications at the University of the West Indies, Mona and a graduate degree in political journalism at Columbia University in New York. Golda has also undergone specialized journalistic training at the Commonwealth Broadcasting Union and the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

The Inter- American Development Bank strives to improve lives in the Caribbean by creating vibrant and sustainable economies, where people are safe, productive, and happy. We have been in the business of regional development since our beginning. Through our own conversations, we have sought to inspire progressive policy and behavioral change. We have a powerful vision for the Caribbean. To make it a reality, we are leaving no stone unturned to broaden our stakeholder base. This means putting people—you—at the center of a new story. It is one about social, economic and climate resilience bolstered by digital transformation. It is about getting things done and making the Caribbean a beacon for development.

We believe that strong public interaction and the creation of compelling narratives will be the catalysts to move this powerful vision forward.  As we highlight regional successes, explore your perspectives, and bring the conversation to you using the tools of technology, we are confident that together we will make giant leaps.

This is your story. We are eager to speak with you.


Musheer Kamau is the Regional Operations Advisor & Strategy and Innovation Leader in the Caribbean Country Department of the Inter-American Development Bank. With over 13 years of international experience, he has served in various capacities within the IDB. He was previously Chief of Operations/ Senior Operations Specialist and a Senior Country Economist. Now, Musheer and the CCB team are working to implement a powerful vision for the Caribbean region. One in which economic, social and climate resilience are achieved and sustained to the benefit of  Caribbean people.




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