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    This blog highlights effective ideas in the fight against poverty and exclusion, and analyzes the impact of development projects in Latin America and the Caribbean.
  • Our 2012 blogstats (or looking at the mirror and smiling, twice)



    Visits 2012

    Welcome and thanks for coming back.

    We had a good year in terms of readership and we want to share our numbers (over 40,000 visitors for our two language site), but first allow me a (very) short blurb.

    When we started this blog, the basic idea was two-fold: to add a Latin American voice (or voices) to the development effectiveness debate and to add a voice in Spanish to a debate that is held mostly in English.

    So we write and post everything in both English and Spanish (thank God for Google Translate) and try and reach two different audiences. Spanish-only speakers with an interest in development economics and effectiveness and English speakers interested in effectiveness in Latin America and the Caribbean.

    As it is difficult to imagine a person that would read an entry in Spanish and then re-read it in English- although there must be a couple of masochists out there – the numbers are presented for each language and then combined. So think of this as looking at the mirror and smiling, twice.

    Total number of page views

    English site                                         32,043 (+182% from 2011)

    Spanish site                                        36,536 (+124%)

    Both sites-combined                           68,579 (+148%)

    Total number of visitors

    English site                                         19,249 (+257% from 2011)

    Spanish site                                        21,358 (+165%)

    Both sites-combined                           40,607 (+202%)

    Total number of unique visitors

    English site                                         12,131 (+355% from 2011)

    Spanish site                                        14,202 (+208%)

    Both sites-combined                           26,333 (+262%)

    So if our site were a concert hall like the Colón in Buenos Aires (2,487 seats) or the Royal Opera House in London (2,256 seats) we would have had almost 9 sold out performances both in Spanish and in English.

    In the English site, the top 5 locations where readers come from are the US, Colombia, Mexico, the UK, and Brazil (in the Spanish site the list is Colombia, US, Peru, Mexico, and Argentina)

    The most popular posts in English (descending – not condescending order) were:

    1. 8 qualities of good economists (the most read, by far- July 2012)
    2. And the jury is back: One Laptop per Child is not enough (March 2012)
    3. What you see is (not) what you get (November 2012)
    4. Crime, emotions and gender: from fútbol to football (January 2012)
    5. One Laptop per Child revisited (June 2012)
    6. The best investment (October 2012)
    7. 5 reasons why to take a vacation (august 2012)
    8. The top ten blogs and sites for 2012: a randomized list (January 2012)
    9. 10 Pitfalls in Cost Benefit Analysis (June 2012)
    10. Crowdsourcing development data (July 2012)

    It is interesting to note that only 5 entries on this list, also made into the top10 list of our Spanish version.

    Finally, thanks to our loyal single reader from Mongolia who views 4 pages per visit. Здоровье и спасибо

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