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  • 5 reasons why to take a vacation



    happiness and productivity Now that most of the northern hemisphere is on vacation, most are watching the Olympic Games, and  the World Bank Impact blog is in hiatus, I thought we should take a break too.

    But before we do that, it is good to know that taking a break can be good.

    These are just five reasons (Hint: happiness and productivity are two of them)

    1. Vacations do make some happier, even if you are one of the happiest people in the world.  But beware that this is short lived.
    2.  Also, it seems that taking a vacation or a break makes you more productive and alert
    3.  Having said that, if you feel you need a break, it helps if you are Finnish, but not American, Canadian or British.
    4.  And as you take that well deserved nap on the beach, remember that sleeping is also good for productivity.
    5.  And last, but not least.  Close the browser. Get out. The internet is bad for your health

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