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  • The top ten blogs and sites for 2012: a randomized list



    As 2012 slowly starts, and this being our first blog of the year, here are ten blogs and sites that are fun and interesting, in eclectic and random(ized) order.

    1. Roving Bandit is probably the best economics blog in South Sudan, according to its author Lee Crawfurd, who also blogs at the Innovations for Poverty Action site.
    2. If you like Thaler’s and Sunstein’s Nudge, then you should try Ideas 42, created by – among others- Sendhil Mullainathan at Harvard.
    3. The Khan academy has delivered almost 100 million lessons on anything between Addition to Venture capital.
    4. Chris Blattman is always an interesting read and gets over half a million visitors a year, not bad for an Assistant Professor of Political Science & Economics at Yale.
    5. View from the cave has an interesting list of blogs that it finds “interesting”.
    6. Owen Barder, a former British civil servant, now at CGD posts regularly at Owen abroad
    7. Although TED (Ideas worth spreading) is primarily a video site, its blog is very interesting, most of the time. One of its best videos is Hans Rosling’s on visualization.
    8. Although MIT has offered online courses for a while, it has just launched MIT.x through an on line interactive learning platform
    9. The Guardian newspaper is always a great source of news and analysis, and its blog on poverty should be a regular read. One of its latest and most intriguing entries asks whether Bolivia can become a green energy superpower
    10. If you believe that the idea of empowering women is at the core of the development debate, then you should also watch the debate between Tony Blair and Christopher Hitchens, originally aired at Munk Debates.

    Regarding number 10, it has been asked, where are the women in this list?  I Stand corrected:

    Linda Raftree’s “Wait, Wait”  Saundra Schimmelpfenning’s “Good Intentions”  and Alanna Shaikh’s  would all be good additions.

    Bonnie Koenig suggested these last web sites.  Here are her blog and website.   Worth a visit as is Whydev.

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