Revolutionizing decision making with data

Are you frustrated by the lack of data to support policy interventions? Do you want to acquire the skills to define a problem, develop a hypothesis, analyze data and provide evidence-based recommendations? Do you have the skills to identify how to use data analysis to propose solutions to public policy problems, to explain the assessment of a policy, and to carry out policy planning?  If you had access to these data, and the skills to analyze them, you could have better insights into the challenges of your country.

The Inter-American Development Bank, through the Massive Open Online Course- Data for Effective Policy Making, will give you access to the data, and help you develop the skills to improve your decision-making capabilities. As part of the course, you will be able to access a diverse collection of valuable datasets available on the Caribbean Data Portal, enhancing your knowledge of the region and its development challenges.

Data for Effective Policy Making is not a statistical analysis course with complicated econometrics and regressions, it is a course that gives users the opportunity to acquire knowledge to interpret graphs, and understand statistical and technical reports to improve decision making. It is based on real-life examples, so you can understand concepts and methodologies in a simple, practical and enjoyable way.

Using different activities, users will be able to apply their acquired skills and practice with real data and IDB cases, in the same way that experts from the region are exposed. You will also face some creative challenges that will allow you to measure your abilities on a higher level of difficulty.

The MOOC provides stakeholders with the knowledge needed to understand the basis of policy decisions and make informed decisions to improve lives.

If you are interested in improving your analytical capabilities and improve your decision making, gaining a better understanding of the tools used in public policy, planning, management and evaluation, please register for the Data for Effective Policy Making  course.


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