Building Partnerships to Deliver Results

If you are a Civil Society Organization or you are interested in subjects related to development in the Caribbean, we invite you to participate in the VII Annual IDB Group Civil Society Forum on June 8th in Kingston, Jamaica.

The Vice Presidency for Countries at the IDB Group organizes these forums yearly. This year the main team is Partnerships Between Governments and Civil Society to deliver results. High level end speakers will mainly discuss points about:

  • How Civil Society can add value to development
  • How the Caribbean region is revolutionizing policy making in the Caribbean by using administrative data for evidence-based policy decisions.
  • Cases on Partnership with Governments and Civil Society to deliver Results
  • Social Innovation, Human Capital, and Productivity
  • Climate Change, among others

The VII annual meeting will have the opening ceremony by Therese Turner Jones, Country Representative for Jamaica and General Manager for the Caribbean. Alexandre Meira da Rosa Vice President for Countries IDB Group will be presenting the panel about How Civil Society Adds to the Path of Development joining efforts. Foreign panelists include Dr. Arvo Ott, executive director of E-Government in Estonia, he will present the e-government experience in Estonia. Carmen Pages, division chief of Labor Markets, will present about Human Capital, Social Innovation and productivity. Also, Diether Beuermann and Marcia Prince Assam will talk about revolutionizing policy making in the Caribbean and how Civil Society can benefit from this. Likewise, Gerard Alleng will talk about sustainability in the Caribbean and the risks it has.

An IDEATHON led by IDB Civil Society Specialist, Flavia Milano, will happen. The objective is to obtain the best inputs to support the IDB Group Strategy for Engagement with Civil Society. The IDEATHON will focus on getting opinions and inputs of Civil Society Organizations (CSO) to better reflect and effective engagement strategy for the Caribbean. Closing remarks will be by IDB Group Executive Director, Jerry Christopher Butler.

Your participation is vital for the success of this Forum. Your contributions will be considered for future versions of this forum. We hope you can join this discussion and participate. You can register by completing this online form.

If you want to know more about the agenda, you can visit this website. If you have questions or have further information related to this event, please contact Carmen Taveras at




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