Compete Caribbean Living and Leaving a Legacy

From the marshy lands of the Belize interior, to the bustling high court of St. Lucia, to the silky stretches of white sandy beaches in Grenada, to creating a sustainable tourism model for the Bahamas Family of Islands, to providing safe drinking water in Haiti, Compete Caribbean has resonated deeply on the Caribbean landscape and beyond.

With 98 projects across the Caribbean, Compete Caribbean’s activities have not only touched the lives of people but have significantly impacted the ease of doing business in the Caribbean.

To date, the wide and diverse portfolio of Compete Caribbean’s regional interventions has resulted in 2,200 new jobs. It is projected that by the end of the Program, 53% of all new jobs created will go to women. Additionally, development of 65 business climate reforms and dissemination of 54 knowledge products are also part of the Program’s triumphs.

Six years later and now in its final year, the Program has exceeded its output targets and has reported outstanding progress. Propelled by the ethos of supporting a dynamic private sector which is driving growth and prosperity in the region, the Compete Caribbean team continues to work tirelessly with its beneficiaries to implement and execute tangible and meaningful projects which add value to each country and improve the lives of people.

The level of activity, geographical reach and unique contribution that Compete Caribbean has made to the region continues to considerably contribute to some of the most pressing issues facing the region’s development.

Examples such as: improvements in accessing finance in Jamaica, reducing Haiti’s carbon footprint, moving the OECS towards faster and better internet, promoting alternative tourism models in Guyana and hosting numerous successful public-private regional dialogues, has placed Compete Caribbean firmly on the map as an agent of change in the Caribbean.

From humble beginnings fraught with challenges to leaving a lasting impression overflowing with accomplishments, the legacy of Compete Caribbean continues…

Here is what some of our beneficiaries had to say:



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