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Attraction by attraction

As the memory of the electrifying inaugural IAAF World Relays fades, there is still a lot we have to be excited about. The news that we have tripled our investment into the games is exactly what the investors and the public want to hear. This means we are making progress in the right direction, but let’s do more. Now it is time for The Bahamas to show what the outcome of the events will lead. In my previous blog I stated capturing and creating niche markets in sports tourism while we continue to make significant splashes in the billion dollar giants such as basketball, football, golf etc. to be successful.

The Bahamas is heading in a good direction, confirming NCAA basketball and football games booked for multi-year deals, PGA tournaments and possibly a motorsports racetrack. The important thing, in my opinion, The Bahamas has realized from the success of the world relays the importance of public buy-in. It’s important that in order for the country to receive the most out of these events the public must show 1) their interest, 2) that they will be willing to participate and 3) that they are willing to spend for these events in order to generate revenue for the country. How do we do this? When you decide you want to go on an exotic vacation, what do you do? Before buying the ticket, you google destinations, you view pictures, you read reviews. For The Bahamas to have success in sports tourism, we must show the world how and why it’s better on our archipelago by ensuring our own citizens are attracted.

A comprehensive investigation is now our next step. How much should we invest in our current sports programs and how much focus should be put into the creation of new programs is key for us to know. Increasing our product knowledge and quality to be more attractive is what must be at the forefront of our thinking. We must be careful not to be so quick to do the next idea that sounds great without the proper research.

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