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Brazilian National Program for Improving Access and Quality of Primary Care

If you are a researcher in the areas of economics, public health and related fields, this is your opportunity to publish a paper in a special edition of The Journal of Ambulatory Care Management (JACM), a leading international primary care management and policy journal.

The Brazilian National Program for Improving Access and Quality of Primary Care (PMAQ) is one of the world’s largest initiatives intended to stimulate access to and quality of primary care services, encompassing over 30,000 health teams in nearly every Brazilian municipality.

Given its size, scope, and ambition, there is much potential to share lessons, knowledge and quality improvement in primary care.

This is where you come into play:

Using the data available, we invite you write and submit an article in English. Some possible areas are mentioned below, but they are not exhaustive:

  • analysis of baseline and follow-up quality assessment (external evaluation) surveys;
  • analysis of municipal experiences and best practices in stimulating quality improvements;
  • evaluation of how municipal variation in incentive design and implementation has affected primary care quality;
  • assessment of the program’s impact on clinical outcomes;
  • assessment of the costs and benefits of the program; and
  • evidence-based proposals for continued program streamlining and adaptation.

The Journal of Ambulatory Care Management (JACM) special edition will be published in late 2016. A total of 6 articles (in English) will be selected through a rigorous process of peer review to reflect a balance of approaches and perspectives on the PMAQ highlighting an international perspective on how it may serve as a laboratory for understanding quality improvement in primary care in Brazil and elsewhere. Editors of this edition will be Norbert Goldfield (JACM) with guest-editors James Macinko (UCLA), Matthew Harris (Imperial College, London) and Marcia Rocha (Inter-American Development Bank, Brazil).

Instructions for submitting papers:
1. All papers must be in English.

2. Papers must conform to the standards of publication for research articles in Journal of Ambulatory Care Management. Click here for author guidelines.

3. All papers must be submitted via the Journal of Ambulatory Care Management website or they will not be considered for the special edition.

4. The deadline for receipt of papers is August 22, 2016 and the expected date of publication for the special edition is late 2016.

Only the 6 final selected articles will have open access publication fees paid courtesy of the Inter-American Development Bank.

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