How To Improve Your Skills: Management Of Development Projects

Following the 2010 earthquake and the subsequent cholera outbreak in Haiti, development related work by international organizations like the Inter-American Development Bank increased significantly as they sought to finance more emergency and infrastructure rehabilitation projects across the country.

Nearly six years later, other sectors such as Education, Water and Sanitation, Transport, Energy and Agriculture were added to the sphere of executing projects. Given the subsequent increase in the number of professionals working on project teams, it became clear there was a need to better train these professionals in the standards and best practices in development work and project management. In this context, the Inter-American Development Bank has decided to provide professionals working both in the public and private sectors, NGOs and international organizations with access to an open online course on “Management of Development Projects“. This course is available in French through the edX platform. The course, first offered in Spanish, was a resounding success with more than 80,000 people taking part.

1. For whom is this course designed?

This course is open to people of all backgrounds and ages. In particular, it is our hope that employees in the public and private sectors, NGOs and university students will register in large numbers.

2. How is the course offered – What do I need to do to participate?

This course is offered entirely online! You will need access to a computer or tablet with an internet connection. This five-week course in “Management of Development Projects” includes case studies that will assist participants master the many tools and key concepts the course offers to help students better manage their projects. Concepts and basic techniques of project management, communication tools and techniques, international standards of project management and success factors of development projects will be explored.

3. When does the course begin?

The course begins on September 6.  To register, please click here

4. Who are the facilitators/instructors for the course?

The course is led by professionals with extensive experience in the field of project management in Haiti, in the Caribbean and Latin America.

5. Will I get a certificate at the end of the course?

Yes, of course! The certificate is proof that you have successfully completed the course. We will need to verify your identity through a photo and a personal identification in order to issue the certificate. The certificate will cost $ 25 USD, and can be a valuable asset as you pursue certain academic programs and job promotions.

6. Other questions?

Write to

As one of the facilitators of the course, I encourage you to participate as there are many benefits to be had from connecting with others about this important topic.

See you soon!

Image: “FMSC Staff Trip – Northwest Haiti Christian Mission” by FMSC is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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