Young Bahamian Entrepreneurs Compete to Develop Business Concepts on “Starter Island” Journey

Photo courtesy of Shift the Culture

Slowly but surely, the citizens of The Bahamas are realizing that they can no longer focus solely on large-scale tourism to lead them to prosperity and national development. As far too much of the Bahamian economy is dependent directly on foreign consumers and investors, many people are now doing their best to promote local entrepreneurship and innovation, to bring about more consistent and more sustainable economic development.

Seeking to pave the way in this regard, a dynamic and innovative Bahamian entrepreneurial group called “Shift the Culture” has organized, with the help of multiple sponsors, a week-long competition from August 21-28, called “Starter Island”, in which participants will create and develop new business ideas and concepts. These teams of entrepreneurs will board a large schooner and sail throughout the islands while developing these ideas and completing specific challenges. At the end of the journey, the teams will pitch their ideas to a panel of judges, who will choose a grand prize winner.

The vision for such an interesting and challenging endeavour is that, little by little, more people will be inspired to tap into their own ambition and creativity, and embark upon the difficult but extraordinary path of entrepreneurship.

As the Shift the Culture group continues to grow in number and in reputation, we at IDB should expect to see even grander endeavours from this organization, and also from the community at large.


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