Summer Fun – Internship at the IDB Country Office in T&T

By Kellisha Wells, Khadija McKay, Safiyya Mohammed and Zachary Subran-Ganesh
(CTT’s 2014 D&I Summer Interns)

The IDB is absolutely the best place anyone could wish to be a summer intern.  The staff was extremely friendly and willing to share their knowledge with us.  The environment made it possible for us to express ourselves without inhibition. They encouraged active participation in the daily operations of the Bank.  We were given the opportunity to attend internal and external meetings which provided us with very valuable insight into the way projects and subsequent development activities are developed and undertaken.

We also had the opportunity to learn Spanish which gave us a chance to expand our skill-set and make ourselves marketable.  It encouraged us to look beyond our local context and consider cultures outside of our own.

The experience overall was very good and we are all very grateful that we were granted this opportunity.

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