Shaping the Future of Treasure Beach, Jamaica


Treasure Beach is a small, interesting and dynamic community with a great sense of its own identity whose main areas of economic activity are tourism, fishing and farming.

However, the need for growth in all three sectors has led to the formation of a complex tourism cluster comprising small hotels, villas and guest houses; restaurants; tour companies and operators; and, agriculture and fisheries.

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The main objective of the Treasure Beach cluster strategy is to generate wealth and sustained prosperity for its participants. To this end, Compete Caribbean launched the Treasure Beach Community Tourism cluster project in Jamaica in March 2014.

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It is anticipated that this project will result in improved marketing, increased employment, increased revenues and a diversification of service offerings for cluster members.

The importance of this targeted intervention by Compete Caribbean will also enable the cluster to further develop the tourism potential of the area and to market a unique brand of tourism.

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Among the projected mid-term results anticipated are the development and marketing of new and improved product offerings/packages; and the creation of a Treasure Beach brand identity which will aid and assist in driving marketing activities and lead to improved visibility of Treasure Beach as a destination.

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    Gladys Finlason
    December 14, 2014 Reply

    I really hope someone reads this comment. I am a stake holder in Treasure Beach.I own Hidden Gemz Hotel and Villa formerly known as Button Bay Beach Getaway. 1 1/2 miles from Billy's Bay. The area from Billy's Bay to Fort Charles Bay has been neglected for over 15 years. The road takes you straight to Black River, there are Villas and small hotels on this road as well as the larges beach known as Fort Charles Bay. It is 11 miles long of the most beautiful sandy beach. Do not let anyone tell you that there are crocodiles or that people drown there, it is totally untrue. In whatever is being done I pray that it will go past Treasure Beach Hotel. Treasure Beach does NOT stop there.

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    Joe & Linda Waldner
    December 16, 2014 Reply

    We stayed at a wonderful little guest house ,at that time was called Dream Away, was beautiful , it was next Door From Botton Bay, a very nice place where we often went to, as it was in walking distants ,We would go for the some meals ,best pizza ever , or just a drink ,so many beautiful birds their and the tropical flowers,we went swimming everyday at Fort Charles Bay ...And Jake place for wonderful dinners...Treasure Beach is a real Treasure(( AND ))also the wonderful little places going past Fort Charles bay is beautiful ,an mlles of sandy beach. That road would be a best to be put down that way from treasure beach it really need to be there as can see that be very good for the for development of Hotels can see that place really growing but to do that there HAS TO BE BETTER ROADS paved ,then back to Black River,then we would be back and bring friends ,those roads a awfull...Love it in that area of Jamaica

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