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21 years ago, Mar del Plata had 5000 motorcycles and 100 thousand cars. Today, the number of motorcycles and cars has doubled and tripled respectively, creating a new challenge for the city: giving back its public spaces to pedestrians and non-motorized transport.

With this goal in mind, the city embarked in a project to transform Calle Güemes—one of the city’s main commercial areas—into a public space that is more human and accessible to pedestrians. Check out the results of this project proposed by Danish architecture firm Gehl Architects and implemented as part of ESCI’s work in Mar del Plata.

Un film de CAD Productions y Towards the Human City Project
Director: Fernando Casado Cañeque y Paula Garcia Serna
Cámara: Daniel Barbosa and Fernando Casado Cañeque
Editor: Daniel Barbosa

Producción: ICES – Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo
Post-Producción: Antonio Rodgrigo / Nomadocs Films