High Energy Costs Provoke a Caribbean Regional Call to Action

by Christopher Barton

On December 5, the IDB hosted a regional, ministerial-level energy conference entitled, “The Caribbean’s Energy Future: A Pathway to Regional Fiscal Stability” in Washington, DC. IDB President Luis Alberto Moreno opened the conference with a regional call to action. Dr. Ernest Moniz, the United States’ Secretary of Energy, gave the keynote address and conveyed his government’s support for a new Caribbean regional energy market. The key objectives of the event were to provide a forum to examine the issues associated with the region’s high energy costs and associated impacts, explore options for addressing this problem, and set forth a roadmap that will assist the Caribbean region in developing a cleaner, more cost effective, and sustainable energy matrix. Jackie Charles from the Miami Herald provided a good overview of the event in today’s newspaper.

This chart summarizes how most consumers in the Caribbean pay some of the highest per capita electricity costs in the world:



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