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    This blog highlights effective ideas in the fight against poverty and exclusion, and analyzes the impact of development projects in Latin America and the Caribbean.
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    Are we supporting sound investments?

    Are they making a difference?

    How do we know and learn?

    How can others know?

    These are questions that we ask our-selves every day, and although we don’t have all the answers – nobody does – every year we attempt to get closer at having them and to report on what we have learned in our Development Effectiveness Overview.

    This fourth edition of the Development Effectiveness Overview brings a number of innovations.

    First, it is designed to be dynamic.  At the IDB we have produced our fair share of “thick as a brick” reports that gather dust in shelves and waiting rooms. In this report, much of the data, documents, and information can be downloaded through links or viewed – for many projects -with our Mapamericas mapping tool.

    Second, by making it friendlier, we want to make it more accessible. We believe that accountability is at the core of our mission and readability is part and parcel of accountability. A traditional book-like report would reach a limited set of our stakeholders. With a friendlier, on line, dynamic and graphic report we hope we will reach a wider audience.

    To paraphrase Marshall McLuhan the medium is (part of) the message.

    To illustrate and show our work and results and given the size and diversity of our portfolio, in the first section of the report we selected a sample – at least one per country – of projects whose results could be verifiable through rigorous methods. T

    he selected projects range from tackling the “big foot” disease in Guyana to building the first Metro line in Quito along the spine of the Andes, or from ending regional discrepancies in crime data to banking the unbanked in Colombia. Some stories highlight innovation while others try to understand failure.

    We invite you to read and enjoy the report.

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    • Maria Constanza Garcia :

      Que buen trabajo, ojala sis de claros e intereresantes fueran todos los documentos del Banco

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