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    This blog highlights effective ideas in the fight against poverty and exclusion, and analyzes the impact of development projects in Latin America and the Caribbean.
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    And now that Alvin Roth (see his blog) and Lloyd Shapley just received the Nobel Prize in Economics, the sweet link of the day: Chocolate Consumption, Cognitive Function, and Nobel Laureates

    It seems that we don’t know much on which anti-corruption policies are effective (or not), but crowd-mapping corruption with mobile phones has spread from India to Russia, Colombia and Kenya

    Behind the scenes: Managing and conducting large scale impact evaluations in Colombia 

    Check out this great evaluation resource and this tool kit for systematic reviews

    Hand-washing with soap, has been shown to reduce diarrhea in young children by as much as 48 percent; but this large scale evaluation shows no impact on health or productivity is found. Why?

    Economics is not the only field where replication is an issue. Kahneman challenges psychologists to clean up their act

    Your favorite academic tweeters

    And the Marginal University is open

    Finally, it seems that looking at cute animal pictures increases your productivity

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