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    This blog highlights effective ideas in the fight against poverty and exclusion, and analyzes the impact of development projects in Latin America and the Caribbean.
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    Starting today we will publish every Monday a few links that we find particularly useful or interesting. If you have any suggestions please post them in the comments section.

    As school is starting it is useful to review some development economics resources and syllabi.  Here is Chris Blattman’s  on the political economy of African Development at Columbia, Nancy Birdsall’s on Inequality and Development at Williams and Daron Acemoglu and Benjamin Olken’s at MIT in the Political Economy of Institutions and Development,  The Guardian published recently a good list of readings and resources here

    The recent Nobel Symposium on Growth and Development assembled the Who-is-Who in development.  Here is its program.

    Innovations for Poverty Action held a conference on the evidence in Governance, Financial Inclusion and Entrepreneurship. My colleague Alessandro Maffioli presented a paper on public support to private R&D in Argentina. Most of the papers can be found under the Twitter hashtag #policyimpact (see August 31-September 1) or in the @poverty_action stream.

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