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    Disseminating the results of an impact evaluation is key to have a real impact in development policies

    By Paloma Acevedo*

    After designing, implementing, and analyzing the data, the results of your impact evaluation are ready to see the light! After all the effort you and your team have devoted to the evaluation, you know that the intervention is twice as effective when it is combined with information campaigns. You have shared the results with government, and incorporated comments into the report. Based on this evidence, they will extend  the more effective program across the country, saving a lot of money.

    Mission accomplished!  Or not?

    How many governments and organizations with similar problems and similar contexts might benefit from knowing these results? One of the main objectives of impact evaluation is to contribute to the base of knowledge in development. Therefore it is important to share the results of your evaluations with the rest of the community of practice (including governments, NGOs, development agencies, and researchers)… but “if you don’t show it, you won’t sell it.” You need to tailor your results in a format that is attractive and useful for different audiences.

    In this section of the IDB’s evaluation hub, we help you shape your results so you can boost the impact of your impact evaluation. You will find examples and templates for dissemination plans, evaluation reports, policy briefs, infographics, videos, multimedia materials, and other resources that allow you to share the results of your evaluation with the rest of the world. In addition, you can find links to organizations that hold dissemination events, where you can present the results of your research. This page is still under construction and we will populate it with more resources over the coming months, so check back soon! You can also access the latest work we have done to disseminate impact evaluations at the Bank, check them out here.

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