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    by Michelle Perez and Gaston Gertner*

    Surveys and Impact Evaluation

    This past Monday, April 9th we started in Santiago, Chile the second Impact Evaluation and Surveys workshop on Surveys and impact Evaluation (follow us on #EEiPP).

    The workshop is financed by the World Bank’s  Strategic Impact Evaluation Fund, and organized by the IDB’s Office of Strategic Planning and Development Effectiveness and Sistemas Integrales, in coordination with the Public Health School of the University of Chile and JPAL’s Latin American Office.

    This two-week long course combines two topics in impact evaluation: design methodologies and surveys.

    The EEEiPP workshop was a challenge compared with previous versions.  We have a bigger audience with over 150 participants from countries such as Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil or Chile. On top of that we have more than 30 teachers and instructors, with top experts in many fields.

    During these two weeks the participants are having access to formal lectures and case studies. 180 people will be working on the development of impact assessments for 40 projects in education, health, early childhood development, social protection, gender, housing, infrastructure and productivity in Latin America.

    Each project is going through a process that spanned from identifying the best methodology to evaluate the intervention, through the definition of sample size, questionnaire design, fieldwork organization to defining indicators. Each project that was brought into the workshop will go through a strict screening process.

    This type of capacity building activities certainly reinforces the relevance of the development effectiveness agenda. It is not irrelevant that  no less than more than 400 people, including civil servants, academics, members of international organizations and NGOs competed to participate in this workshop.

    The demands we have at the IDB to help push impact assessments are many, but we are clearly moving in the right direction.

    *Michelle Perez and Gaston Gertner are consultants working on impact evaluation studies in the Office of Strategic Planning and Development Effectiveness.

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