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Building climate change awareness in Brazil

Brazil is an incredibly diverse country – when mentioned, the country’s name instantly conjures images of a multi-ethnic, culturally...
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Photo: Hand Holding Wheat Stalk and Seeds | by Columbia Water Center | Copyright CC BY-NC 2.0

3 ways climate change affects food security

The countries of Latin America and the Caribbean have made great progress in terms of food security since they set out to meet the...
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Colombia advances in the Promotion of Non-Conventional Sources of Renewable Energy

May 13, 2015 marked the first year of the enactment of Law 1715 of 2014, which established the legal framework for the integration of...
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Daily, millions of homes in Latin America and the Caribbean lose energy in the process of cooling or heating.  In the case of dry...
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100 billion reasons to pay attention to the summit in Peru this October

The debate on the need for switching to low carbon economies has been a bipolar one for quite some time. On one side, developed...
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Goal #13: Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts*

The UN Member States have agreed on a sustainable development agenda for the next 15 years, “TRANSFORMING OUR WORLD: THE 2030 AGENDA...
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How much are health and the environment worth?

Mercury exists in several forms and is a naturally occurring element found in air, water and soil. Mercury in the air eventually...
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Share your successful story of climate change and family farming and you could win up to $15,000

FONTAGRO launched a call for proposals for its second success stories contest, which seeks to disseminate successful experiences in...
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Costa Rica: cheaper energy with renewables and regional integration

During this time when electricity prices are rising every day, lowering them by 10% may not seem like much. But a reduction of this...
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Resilient public-private partnership will start in Colombia

It’s not every day that big players from the public sector agree on a plan of action for resilient development with private-sector...
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5 innovative sustainable energy gadgets to celebrate World Environment Day

I think many of us question how we can be more mindful of energy use in our day to day lives, and these fun and sustainable gadgets...
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Concurso para Mexicanos: podrías ganar $20mil dólares y viajar a la #COP21

La Coordinación de Estrategia Digital Nacional de México lanza concurso para innovadores y desarrolladores: Podrías desarrollar la...
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Hola París, es Bolivia.

Como especialista en una organización internacional, tengo muchas reuniones de trabajo a través de llamadas de video; y aunque no haya...
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Charging Bull - New York City copyright sam valadi

Cinco formas en las que el cambio climático afecta el sistema financiero

En el parecer colectivo el cambio climático afecta a los gobiernos, empresas e individuos y son estos los que deben actuar. No...
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¿Y a mí me debe importar la COP21?

El escepticismo sobre el cambio climático continúa y en algunas esferas se ha tornado poco a poco en una noticia, para algunos, sin...
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