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Cómo hizo México para reducir el 80% de las muertes por desastres

Cómo hizo México para reducir el 80% de las muertes por desastres
Las reformas del marco jurídico mexicano han sentado las bases para la puesta en marcha de iniciativas nacionales de reducción del riesgo de desastres, pasando de un modelo reactivo, donde las intervenciones comenzaban después de una catástrofe, a un modelo proactivo, que da mayor prioridad a las acciones de prevención.

¡Se buscan escuelas para luchar por la biodiversidad!

[:en]“No man is an island entire of itself…” We’ve all heard this poem before. True enough, none of us are as independent as we think. Neither are ecosystems! In fact, people and nature rely on each other. It’s all about relationships. Whatever we do somehow affects the environmental balance. If you didn’t realize that until now, wouldn’t it be good to tip off our kids earlier? After all, since they’re going to inherit the earth, they need to know how improper disposal of their ice cream wrapper may affect the land, coastlines, oceans, skies and, more importantly, them! Mindfulness today heightens the chances of breathing fresh air, playing in clean water and eating more nutritious foods tomorrow. Aiming for environmental sustainability raises consciousness of their planet mates and the generations beyond. So where does awareness of biodiversity begin? The Inter-American Development Bank’s ‘Rise Up’ Initiative jump starts climate change prevention and adaptation in schools. Let’s step in one for a tour!

Capital natural: primera línea de defensa contra el cambio climático

[:en]Last December, negotiators from nearly 200 countries gathered in Paris and reached the world´s most significant agreement to address climate change. Countries will aim to keep temperatures from rising more than 2ºC by 2100 and “drive efforts” to keep temperatures increases below 1.5ºC. The agreement will also create the financial infrastructure to address climate change and encourage trillions of dollars of investment for adaptation to climate change.