Un espacio para ideas y soluciones en seguridad ciudadana y justicia en América Latina y el Caribe

Time for cities in Latin America and Africa to connect on citizen security

By Robert Muggah, Director of the Igarapé Institute, and Nathalie Alvarado, Coordinator for Citizen Security programs at the IDB Epidemic levels of crime and violence constitute a major challenge for the economic and social development of cities in Latin America and Central and...

How citizen security is changing in Latin America and the Caribbean

Governments from across the political spectrum are urgently exploring new ways to promote safer and more secure societies. Since the late 1990s, there has been explosion of innovation with more than 1,300 distinct citizen security interventions launched across Latin America and...

Why are more developed countries in Latin America also so violent?

In Latin America, a better predictor of violence is not just development but a broader network of rights, attitudes and opportunities

Lessons from New York and Tel Aviv: policing hotspots

Police must refocus their paradigm of crime control from one that is centered on offenders to one that is centered on places