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Why we need a radically different approach to prisons

Solving the problems of prisons and jails in the region will require more than just building new prisons and replicating past mistakes. It requires a thoughtful approach, informed by an assessment of what each country needs and how it wishes its justice and punishment system to...

Brazilian paradox: how gangs grow stronger in prisons

Higher incarceration rates and worse conditions on the inside both feed prison gang strength.

What anti-violence program has a nearly 50 percent return on investment?

These programs use sports to help prevent crime in some of world’s most violent regions.

Where are the women in the El Salvador gang truce?

In El Salvador, there are no women among the gang leaders or spokespeople, and none in public roles with the government, the mediators, or the “technical committee” meant to support the process. What’s more, few critical assessments of the truce have raised this absence as a...