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Using Big Data to stop crime: six Colombian cities will show us how

By working hand in hand with six Colombian cities, local academic institutions, DataPop Alliance, the MIT Media Lab and other key allies, we expect to go beyond testing the value of Big Data for development, and build capacities local government capacity to sustainably use and...

Interview: Facebook can escalate conflicts. One organization is using it to stop murders

Combining innovation and technology, the Citizen Crime Commission of NY uses Facebook to detect potential conflicts and intervene before they turn deadly.

Why crime journalism has to change

Journalists arrived with laptops bulging with projects for examining the dramatic reforms in play in their countries on sentencing, corrections and judicial procedures, in police strategy, and violence prevention efforts—to name just a few. But in order for them to succeed—that...

How Scotland beat the knives

Stop search is a very effective policing tactic. It deters weapon carrying and provides an opportunity to speak to the at risk youth and convey to them an accurate and clear message

Four steps to use the public health model to curb crime

Scottland managed a dramatic reduction in violence by implementing a public health model to crime through its Violence Reduction Unit

Lessons from New York and Tel Aviv: policing hotspots

Police must refocus their paradigm of crime control from one that is centered on offenders to one that is centered on places