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Too many are killed in Brazil. Here’s four things I learned trying to change that

In 2003, I left the world of banking to join a campaign to change Brazil´s gun legislation and retrieve firearms. In just a few years we not only transformed national gun laws, but we also collected more than 500,000 weapons making it one of the largest buy-back programs in...

Brazilian paradox: how gangs grow stronger in prisons

Higher incarceration rates and worse conditions on the inside both feed prison gang strength.

Why are more developed countries in Latin America also so violent?

In Latin America, a better predictor of violence is not just development but a broader network of rights, attitudes and opportunities

Whither Rio de Janeiro’s Police Pacification Units?

Notwithstanding major crises and criticism, the UPP constitute the single most important public security initiative in the state. And yet the persistent informality of the UPP may eventually undermine its sustainability.