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What Will Tomorrow Bring? Microsoft Discusses the Future and How to Prepare For It

By , and - Oct 1 2015

Microsoft Blog
Pssst! Can you hear that? That’s the future calling, and it says the technological revolution is around the corner. “The future” has always implied change, and over the last 30 to 40 years, technology has revolutionized its meaning by webbing governments, the private sector, and civil society together and elevating the importance—nay, the essential nature—of innovation. Recently, our valued partner Microsoft shared with us insights about the future, allowing us a more concrete vision for what to expect in years to come. Joining us at Inter-American Development Bank headquarters on the very day they launched Windows 10, our time with Microsoft Corporate Vice-President and Chairman of Emerging Markets Orlando Ayala reminded us that tomorrow will only bring continued innovation, and that we must prepare accordingly to harness its full potential. Today, we’ll build off Microsoft’s expertise to give you a glimpse of what the future may bring.

  1. Innovation never has and never will be just a private sector thing. We live in a changing world that is exponentially more dynamic than ever and that presents as many opportunities as it does challenges. As such, we see government leaders looking for innovative ways of boosting productivity growth in an equitable way, expanding access to quality education, improving healthcare and keeping their people safe and secure. Driving this are mobility, cloud computing, big data, and 24/7 social connections, four megatrends Microsoft highlighted as the building blocks over which innovation is emerging faster than ever.
  2. OA Corp Photo

    Orlando Ayala, Microsoft Corporate Vice-President and Chairman of Emerging Markets

    Technology has, and will increasingly be, a powerful tool for governments to invest more handsomely and intelligently in addressing challenges. For example, our ongoing partnership with Microsoft has allowed several Latin American governments to improve transparency, accountability and other development indicators through platforms such as the Emerging and Sustainable Cities Initiative’s “Urban Dashboard” and MapaRegalias, an interactive technology that allows citizens to track just how governments are getting and spending their royalties. At home, we at the IDB are also innovating by adopting new technologies. One example is our pioneering MapAmericas, an interactive digital mapping platform that revolutionizes the way the Bank and its partners show progress on development work in the region.

  3. And lastly, as Microsoft wisely reminded us, there will be an increased need for partnership. Perhaps Microsoft’s most critical insight was that though technological innovation will continue to grow exponentially, its benefits will only be reaped if it goes hand in hand with a revolution in processes and public policies. And that’s where Microsoft and the IDB Group can join forces—helping governments to adapt to the rapid flourishing of innovation that is being unleashed daily. We are already doing this through such means as the Mapa Regalias collaboration, through which Microsoft has helped government adopt innovation as the primary means for improved interaction and engagement with their constituents. But in the coming years we must take partnership one step further, ensuring policy and innovation work hand-in-hand to make life better for citizens around the world.

And, for all of us in our day to day, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella reminds us that “what is scarce in all of this abundance is human attention.” We must stay focused to make the future the innovation journey we imagine it will be!

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