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Open for Business: How the Private Sector Can Team Up with the IDB

By - May 28 2015

open for biz

It’s a common question: how can the private sector partner with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)? It’s very simple. The private sector can engage the Bank in three different ways: as a partner, as a Bank Client, and as a product or service provider. Each type of engagement implies the involvement of different offices, legal and institutional arrangements, and the use of different strategies and tools. 

At the IDB, we think of partnerships as a two-way street. That means we expect our  partners, in this case the private sector, to bring its own financial and non-financial resources to the table, while the IDB does the same. The aim is to jointly build a project or program to impact a specific developmental objective.

On the other hand, as a client a private sector entity seeks financing from the IDB so that it may grow in the region while making a  high, positive social and environmental impact. As a provider, the private sector provides a product or service as a provider and goes through a competitive and transparent bidding process.

For your future reference, here is a cheat sheet…

  As a Partner As a Client As a Provider
Definition An effective and collaborative relationship in which the partner commits resources, financial or non-financial, to achieve a common development goal. Partnerships are long-term institutional commitments to collaborate, share resources, risks, results and knowledge. Private sector companies, financial intermediaries and businesses can also be seen as clients for Bank’s financing and technical assistance. Working with the Bank as a provider involves procurement activities through IDB-financed public sector projects. The IDB is not responsible for selecting and contracting the firms.
Window The IDB’s Office of Outreach and Partnerships 1.       The IDB’s Structured and Corporate Finance Department2.       The IDB’s Opportunities for the Majority3.       The Inter-American Investment Corporation

4.       The Multilateral Investment Fund

Parties interested in procurement and consulting opportunities are encouraged to visit the website here.
Instruments Instruments include agreements (such as Memorandums of Understanding and Letters of Intent) and resource mobilization instruments such co-financing, individual and multi-donor trust funds, and project specific grants, among others. The Bank also taps into partner entities’ expertise by partnering through people or knowledge. Read more>>> Loans, capital investments, grants, partial credit guarantees, guarantees for confirming letters of credit, syndicated and subordinated loans, and direct financing through value chains. 95% of the opportunities under IDB-financed, public sector projects executed in LAC, government agencies act as executing agencies.
Private Sector Strategic Interest Seeking strategic positioning, expanding sustainability efforts, and contributing with the development in LAC. Seeking financing or technical assistance in order to grow in the region through high social and environmental impact. Seeking business opportunities to sell a product or service. The Bank’s procurement and consulting policies apply.


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