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Howdy, Partner! Team Up With Us

By - Apr 16 2015

howdy partner
This town IS big enough for the both of us. Nay, for all of us! And that’s why at the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), we have a multitude of opportunities for partnership. As the IDB responds to the region’s development priorities through high-profile initiatives, we seek out expertise, know-how and financing from our partners so we can respond more effectively and efficiently to complex challenges with comprehensive and innovative solutions. Some of these include: ensuring medium size cities are sustainable, protecting biodiversity and ecosystem services, supporting citizen security and accelerating broadband penetration. So to bring this somewhat vague concept of partnership back to basics, I am here to walk you throw some of our partnership instruments today.

For starters, some partners provide Joint and Parallel Cofinancing, or by providing joint or parallel loans or grants to a common project. Reflecting on the IDB’s country experience and project management capacity,  co-financing provides donors with a cost-effective way of extending assistance,  helps fill financing gaps, and establishes closer coordination with donors on its programs, policies, and investment priorities. In 2014, IDB partners provided $2.4 billion through joint or parallel co-financing for projects through 17 mobilizations.

Other partners choose to collaborate through specific projects, and may request the IDB’s assistance in administering their grant contribution and supervising the project. In 2014, the IDB had 24 partners provide $118.6 million for project specific grants. Additionally, partners may opt to make a separate technical assistance and/or investment grant to complement IDB financed programs or projects, thus financing a larger joint effort.

But other times, our partners wish to contribute to a Bank-managed trust fund, set up to pursue specific development objectives and key regional priorities. Alongside other donors, these partners channel grant financing into the fund to allow for the creation of larger regional projects and programs.

Often, partners also make a commitment to a global challenge which is then channeled through a World Bank Global Fund. The IDB can then access said funds to design and finance projects in LAC. Most such funds are grant-based, but we increasingly see interest from partners on reimbursable funds with the goal of maintaining flow of resources through repayments.

Importantly, partnership is not simply a financial transaction. We frequently partner with organizations through knowledge, as in the creation of joint publications or events, the sharing of experiences, and more. This is done with both universities and non-academic institutions that can bring great value to the IDB through expertise alone.

In 2014, we saw a number of funds open up such as:  The Canadian Fund for Universal Legal Identity in LAC; Special Program for Institutional Development; LAIF Grant to Climate Change and Water & Sanitation; Least Developed Countries Fund for Climate Change and Special Climate Fund.

Want to join us? Let’s figure on what and how. But the opportunities are plentiful. Let’s talk.


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