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What’s in a Partner? Find Out in the 2014 Partnership Report

By - Apr 2 2015

Partnership Report Blog

The Inter-American Development Bank’s 2014 Partnership Report is available here. 

What’s in a partner? Is it a donor or a co-financier? A company or university willing to share its knowledge to meet a common objective? A team player ready to roll up its sleeves? In the pages of our 2014 Partnership Report, you will see partnership come to life in these and other forms, as we tell the story of our year through the lens of collaboration. Set apart by their commitment to advancing progress in Latin America and the Caribbean, you’ll see a picture of partnership as a two-way street, in which all parties bring valuable contributions to the table for the common objective of spurring development in our region.

Be it financing regional water and sanitation initiatives worth millions, boosting financial inclusion for the underserved, building capacity in public and private sector actors alike, mainstreaming climate change into our institutional priorities, uplifting Latin America and the Caribbean’s social sectors, or sparking innovation both within the region and within the four walls that house the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), I chalk up our most noteworthy, most landmark achievements in 2014 to the inventiveness, the expertise, and the support of the IDB’s partner community.

“In 2014, the concept of partnership took a new meaning for us at the Inter-American Development Bank,” our Bank President Luis Alberto Moreno said in the opening of our 2014 report. “As we worked to reassess our corporate strategy and identity as an institution, we elevated partnerships as a key element of our core business: accelerating development to improve lives in Latin America and the Caribbean.”

These words couldn’t ring truer for me as Manager of the Office of Outreach and Partnerships. Since our Office was born in 2008, our efforts to forge global, development-focused alliances have been a Bank-wide priority. With the IDB and its fellow development institutions increasingly looking outward for sources of expertise, resources, innovation, and collaboration, today, they stand as more of a priority than ever.

I invite you to flip through our report with an eye to applauding our partners for their commitment to development, to absorbing the innovation they have brought to Bank efforts, to elevating the role of partnerships in your own organization, and to consider partnering with us yourself. Together, we are harnessing partnerships as a vehicle to a brighter future for Latin America and the Caribbean. Hop in.

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