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How to Solve Global Food Insecurity in Four Easy Steps

By - Jul 16 2014

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Food security experts worldwide have alerted us to the looming 2050 date, by when population growth, climate change, and other factors will make feeding the earth’s projected nine billion inhabitants a dire challenge.  In just 36 years, global food production must increase by 60 percent on as little as 12 percent more arable land.  As the largest net food exporting region in the world, Latin American remains the oft-overlooked low-hanging fruit to support the planet, especially during the critical next 10 – 20 years.

By joining forces with other like-minded partners, we have commenced execution of a plan to solve this problem in four easy steps by:

  1. Starting a conversation through the launch of a dynamic food security report with implementable recommendations. (Okay, so that actually took 18 months).
  2. Taking action through building a multi-donor fund to finance on-the-ground innovative projects with clear measurable results that can be replicated and scaled up. (HINT: Currently seeking visionary corporate partners to join us and reap the benefits of Step #3.)
  3. Rewarding impact-driven partners by generating visibility for their cutting-edge efforts to sustainably feed the planet. (Hey, you’re reading this blog aren’t you?)
  4. Maintaining momentum by scaling up and replicating proven solutions generated in Step #2 through large scale corporate and government investments. (How? Through the resulting public-private partnerships!)

We need your support! Join us NOW as a founding member of our AgroLAC 2025 Multi-Donor Fund.  Together, we will build partnerships that sustainably increase agricultural productivity and link farmers to markets, supporting Latin America’s vast potential to solve regional and global food insecurity.

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