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At the IDB, we believe that together we can go farther. Our partnership network is making positive differences in Latin America and the Caribbean every day, and this blog is our channel for telling that story. Stay tuned for literature on partnership perspectives, stories from the field, changing trends, outlooks for development and the region, information on ways and opportunities to partner, and more. Thanks for stopping by.

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Partnering for a Sustainable Colombia: The Role of Foundations in Building Brighter Futures

By - Jan 12 2017


Goal #17 of the Sustainable Development Goals has left us with a clear message – that Partnerships are necessary to achieving true social and environmental progress. In promoting partnerships for the goals, we view Goal #17 as a call to action to partnership practitioners, demanding that we share our partnership-specific knowledge in efforts to create a global development community more capable of working together to build a brighter future for all. In this effort, we had a chat with Carolina Suarez, Executive Director of Colombia’s Association of Corporate and Family Foundations, about the role of philanthropy in development and the necessary nature of partnerships in moving development efforts forward. Bringing to this conversation a potent blend of on-the-field experience and strategic thinking on development and our collective role in improving lives, let’s hear from Carolina about her experience, her perspective on partnerships for development, and more.

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Happy Holidays!

By - Dec 23 2016


Thank you for reading along with us this year! We invite you to visit us again in January for new content on partnerships, development, innovative finance, and much more. Until then, we wish you a happy holiday season.

Smart Cities Series: What Puts the “City” In Smart City Solutions?

By - Dec 14 2016


What puts the “City” in Smart City Solutions? We posed this question to Jorge Vargas of NEC Corporation, whose work with Smart Cities has allowed him to cultivate a deep understanding of and appreciation for the role of cities in development. In this third installment and final of our Smart Cities series, Mr. Vargas zeroes in on the value of the metropolis itself in bringing innovation and improved quality of life to the people. Read more…

Smart Cities Series: Failing Gracefully and Other Lessons from Tel Aviv

By - Nov 30 2016


Are cities engines for development and economic growth? In a previous post, the IDB’s own Mauricio Bouskela, a Senior Specialist on Housing and Urban Development discussed this question, providing us a concrete image of what a “Smart City” should look like and the great value it can hold for development efforts. Yet what lessons learned can we draw from as we work to build the “Smart” aspect into cities everywhere? For an idea of this, Dr. Eran Toch of Tel Aviv University joins us for the second installment of our three-part Smart Cities Series, discussing the importance of fostering innovation in urban centers, and how to do it. Read more…

Smart Cities Series: Back to the Drawing Board

By - Nov 10 2016


Are cities engines for development and economic growth? If you had posed this question at Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) headquarters this summer the answer would an overwhelming yes, backed by case studies and expert opinions from agents of urban transformation from across the globe. Brought together for the 1st Smart City Seminar, the Bank welcomed representatives from municipal governments, companies, NGOs, and universities to discuss “Migrating from Traditional City Management to the Smart City,” a new focus of the IDB’s Emerging and Sustainable Cities Program as it works to further harness technology and innovation as vehicles for improved quality of life. Read more…