We have launched a crowdsourcing initiative for accelerators, incubators and co-working spaces with the purpose of positioning Latin America and the Caribbean as a creative and cultural industries hub!

This is just the beginning of a larger initiative focused on learning why some enterprises flourish and others tank. You are invited to be part of this project, aimed at giving visibility to the region’s creative talent, foster its growth, and seek synergies with other entrepreneurs in order to provide momentum to the Orange Economy.

In the digital world, what is not mapped does not exist, and all this translates into lost opportunities for new business endeavors. Although creative industries are generating a tangible economic impact, so far there is no directory listing all the region’s incubators, accelerators and co-working spaces. This information gap makes it hard to learn how many ventures are being incubated, what types of creative enterprises are under an acceleration process, and how many of these are being incorporated to the global markets.

Fostering creativity among wider audiences will help us boost up the visibility of the region’s talent and put it on the map as the “Orange Region.” So far, we have mapped some ventures in Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Peru, Panama, Paraguay, Mexico and the Caribbean, but there are still many businesses and countries that have not been included (click here to see the list of those already registered).

This is your chance to participate in a project that lends visibility to the economic and social impact of creative industries, combining entrepreneurship with innovation and creativity. Sign in here and be part of the largest directory in Latin America and the Caribbean!

Following is a list of some of the accelerators, incubators and co-working spaces already included in our directory. We hope they will serve as an inspiration and lead you to follow in their footsteps:



Since its founding in 2003, PRANA has provided incubator services to more than 300 cultural and creative projects in sectors such as audiovisual, performing arts, public spaces and design. This incubator aims to boost up Colombia’s cultural and creative sector, supporting the launching of products and services with a potential to impact the global markets while at the same time strengthening the economic, educational and social sectors.

Its ventures include:

  • DECA Teatro, an art company that produces theater shows, including musicals, classics and its own plays.
  • La Peluquería, an alternative art and creative space in Bogotá, Colombia.


Cinépolis Accelerator

This accelerator fosters innovation in the digital entertainment industry. Created in 2012, Cinépolis launches regular international calls for participation. Entrepreneurs from all countries can send their submissions on the internet or take part in events held in Monterrey, Tijuana and Mexico City. Its four-month acceleration program focuses on improving each venture’s business model in order to maximize its chances to succeed in the global market.

Some of the ventures it has provided acceleration services are:

  • KaraOkulta, a startup specializing in videogame creation and development.
  • Imago Ink, produces personalized books for children, making them the protagonists of the stories they read.


Oddball, Creative Coworking

This is a co-working space specializing in innovation and creative economies for entrepreneurs, artists, inventors, and eccentric and creative people at large. Founded in August 2016 in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Oddball is an event organizer and host that works in alliance with teams such as the Sao Paulo Tech Week, helping its clients access content and meet leading global innovation players.

Some of its members are:

  • Abragames, the Association of Digital Games Developers of Brazil, whose members plan to create a gaming hub within Oddball.
  • Celebraran events producer.


Caribbean Tales Incubator  (CTI)

CTI is the first incubator focusing in the development and production of audiovisual content from the Caribbean and by Caribbean citizens living abroad for the global market. Founded in 2010 and based in Toronto, Canada, CTI aims to lend more visibility to the region’s audiovisual industry and help filmmakers and TV producers monetize their contents. This incubator in 2016 joined forces with Flow –the Caribbean’s main provider of television and communications services– and since that date some of its projects have been broadcast by the main television channels in the region.

Some of its productions include:

  • West Bay, a drama series delving on Jamaica’s northern coast environmental issues.
  • Lil’Island Kidz, and entertaining and educational Jamaican animated series for children.


Media Factory

Media Factory is an accelerator for new Internet companies centered exclusively on promoting the launch of digital media firms. Founded in 2014 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, this accelerator defines itself as a media factory with a strong focus on content. The company selects independent Latin American journalistic ventures specializing in economics and politics, and provides them with consulting services and access to a network of mentors and investors.

Its projects include:

  • me, based in Buenos Aires, it is the region’s most active creative digital producers network.
  • com,“Ecuador’s first liberal, digital and alternative medium.”


Aldea Creativa

Aldea Creativa is a co-working space devoted to design. It is based in Cuernavaca, Mexico, and comprises architects, photographers, advertisers and other creative professionals. Founded in January 2016, the company seeks to strengthen the creative community of the State of Morelos by promoting innovation and the exchange of know-how and expertise.

Its current members include:


Lab Fashion

Lab Fashion is Sao Paulo’s first co-working space focuses in fashion. It was founded in June 2015 with the aim to add dynamism and professionalism to the fashion business and the textile industry while fostering creativity, networking and new production and consumption styles for the sector.

Its clients include:

  • Roupa Livre,a space that explores the use of recyclable clothing and seeks to foster a more mindful relationship among people and between people, their garments, and the environment.
  • ModeFica, a digital platform focused on integral fashion that “transcends aesthetics.”


Grupo Nación Plus

Founded in 2015 in San Jose, Costa Rica, Grupo Nación Plus has forged an Alliance with Parque Tec in order to promote innovation in the advertising, content, food and visual media and entertainment world. All ventures are incubated by Parque Tec and later helped by GN Plus to get capital investments from Grupo Nación. Since its inception, it has accelerated more than 33 projects.

These include:

  • Kiboo, a chain of shops focused on renting films and other content from different sales points.
  • Quantik,the “Tico Netflix,” is a free platform for the generation and distribution of Costa Rican digital contents.


Open Arts PTY

Open Arts PTY is a Panamanian cultural “articulator” created in 2013 consisting of an incubator (Co-Incubator) and a co-creation space (CoworkingPTY). It comprises a physical space and an incubation program for cultural and creative industries’ entrepreneurs.

Projects incubated by Open Arts PTY include:

  • Camerata Panamá, a chamber orchestra formed by outstanding, renowned musicians.
  • Asociación Eco Studio Panamá, which runs a learning program on Arts and Ecology besides focusing on research and conservation of Panama’s flora.


Fábrica de Medios

This is a co-working space created in January 2015 in Santiago, Chile that has expanded to include Peru and Colombia. This space provides a collaboration forum for content producers, designers and technology developers.

Its members include:

  • Jump Cats, a venture that produces digital visual effects, helping artists improve their work and make them stand out above the rest.
  • Aeroscan, which uses drones to produce aerial filming and photographic material.


These are among the most noteworthy accelerators, incubators and co-working spaces in the region. You are now invited to join this directory, the largest in Latin America and the Caribbean. Sign up clicking here!


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