Did Education and Job Experience Reduce Inequality in Latin America?

As Joana Silva and I document in a recent book, earnings inequality declined in 16 of the 17 countries in Latin America for which consistent statistics can be calculated, although the intensity and turning points diverged across countries. For example, after a decade of stagnant or slowly increasing inequality, the 90th/10th interquantile range of the […]

Greater Efficiency and the Path to a Prosperous Future for Latin America and the Caribbean

If Latin American and the Caribbean is to enjoy a prosperous future, it must become much more efficient

Latin America and the Caribbean has a difficult puzzle to solve. Growing national income is feeding demands for more and better government services.  At the same time, because many governments increased expenditure during the years of the commodity boom and now face less favorable external conditions, they will need to adjust. In a context of […]

When Globalization and Populism Meet

It amounts to an upheaval. Populist movements claiming to speak directly for the people and opposed to everything from bankers to immigrants and the institutions of liberal democracy have altered the political landscape in large areas of the world. Think Brexit in Great Britain, Syriza and Podemos in Greece and Spain, and the populist candidates in […]

Falling Inequality: A Brazilian Whodunnit

By Julián Messina, Francisco H.G. Ferreira and Sergio Firpo Long one of the world’s most unequal countries, Brazil surprised pundits by recording a massive reduction in household income inequality in the last couple of decades. Between 1995 and 2012, the country’s Gini coefficient for household incomes fell by seven points, from 0.59 to 0.52. (For […]

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