Mexico: The Elusive Quest for Prosperity

Problematic policies and institutions have led to an elusive quest for prosperity in Mexico

Imagine a country that does everything that development economics says is right: guarantee macroeconomic stability, maintain an open trade regime and invest in physical capital and education. Now imagine, that this this country suffers anemic growth and has done so for over two decades. What in the world could be wrong? This is the agonizing […]

When Globalization and Populism Meet

It amounts to an upheaval. Populist movements claiming to speak directly for the people and opposed to everything from bankers to immigrants and the institutions of liberal democracy have altered the political landscape in large areas of the world. Think Brexit in Great Britain, Syriza and Podemos in Greece and Spain, and the populist candidates in […]

Can Latin America’s Engagement with China Deepen?

In November 2016, China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs released a white paper to guide its relationship with Latin America and the Caribbean through the end of 2019. The paper, encompassing the full spectrum of relationships between the two regions, emphasized that China had entered a “new phase of comprehensive collaboration” with Latin America and the […]

A New Trade World: Routes for Latin America and the Caribbean to Grow

It never rains but it pours sometimes seems to be just too appropriate a motto for Latin America and the Caribbean. Just as Argentina and Brazil appear set to post positive growth this year, uncertainty regarding global protectionism and the prospects of higher U.S. interest rates could dampen growth prospects across the region, as explained […]

Latin America and Trump: the IDB’s Chief Economist Identifies Potential Opportunities for the Region

Latin America, like the rest of the world, cautiously awaits the beginning of Donald Trump’s presidency in the United States. There is great anticipation to see if the president elect fulfills his campaign promises—many of them already played down—and how his government’s policies affect the region. In an interview with the Spanish daily El País, […]

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