Wielding the Scientific Method For a More Skilled Population

From the 554-foot high Washington Monument down Constitution Avenue towards the United States Congress in Washington, D.C., they marched by the thousands:  physicists, biologists, chemists, zoologists, economists, and scientists from virtually every other discipline. The first ever March for Science April 22, along with its teach-ins, and its companion events in hundreds of other cities […]

Prestigious Fellowship for Young Researchers Now Accepting Applications

Are you a young researcher looking to expand your professional and personal horizons? The Research Department of the Inter-American Development Bank is inviting recent university graduates to apply for its prestigious Research Fellowship Program. Fellows will work side by side with staff economists, providing valuable support while gaining varied experience at a top-level institution. The […]

Behavioral Economics for Better Public Policies

Would you save more if 10% of your paycheck was automatically deposited into a separate account in your name? Would you feel more obliged to pay your taxes if you knew all the neighbors on your block had paid them? And would you use the hand dryer instead of a paper towel in a public […]

A Sharp New Light on Political Institutions

How competitive are presidential and legislative elections in Bolivia, France and Afghanistan? What are their electoral rules? How relevant are their political checks and balances across branches of government? In the past, scholars and analysts floundered in the dark trying to answer those questions. They might consult case studies. But the frameworks and methodologies were […]

The Problem with Taxing the Rich

It’s never easy to get the wealthy to pay their taxes — and Latin America is no exception. Not only do they have the political clout to fight legislation that would increase their contributions relative to low-earners. They can afford top-flight lawyers and accountants to help them maneuver around their income taxes through loopholes and […]

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